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Bedroom Carpet

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Our Testimonials

“We never imagined that our Iron burned carpet could be repaired, but after a friend mentioned AAA Carpet Repairs had repaired their damaged carpet with excellent results, we decided to get a free quote right over the phone and have your company repair our carpet.
The results were outstanding, and even though we know where the damage was, both of us, our friends and family can't even find a trace of the damaged area. A BIG Thank you!”

Dave and Lorna Evers - North Vancouver, BC

“I thought you might like to know that we had the carpets cleaned by Citrus-O on Saturday and the technician also does carpet repair. He said that the repair job you did was the best he has seen in 20 years. Thanks for your help!!”

Angela Drake - Burnaby, BC

“Thank you Mike at AAA Carpet Repairs! Our new home Rec room carpets were water damaged and needed to be to replaced or repaired/restored back to like new condition. After considering the cost of a high Insurance deductible, along with future higher premiums for entire replacement carpet, we decided instead to have AAA Carpet Repairs replaced the underpad and seamed in spare carpet from our closet into the damaged area. He then installed a similar new carpet into the closet, all at a substantial saving of time and money.”

Kathy and Mark Jamison - Vancouver, BC

“We were not easy customers. In fact, we were downright demanding. But AAA Carpet Repairs stuck with us through the entire process and always delivered as promised. We are thankful for the competent professionals at AAA Carpet Repairs!”

Bob and Betty Wills - Coquitlam, BC 

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