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Quick Summertime Carpet Care Tips

Image: Carpet Care

•Stop dirt at the door. During summer months, high traffic in your home for backyard barbecues and family events can also mean trouble for your carpet. This is especially true for wall to wall carpets. The best way to avoid stains and odors from settling in is to vacuum and clean spots and spills right away.

•Maintain proper ventilation and circulation of air. High temperatures can also mean buildup of dust particles in your home. It is especially important to maintain proper ventilation. HVAC systems that are older may need to be tuned up, you may need an air conditioner, or windows can be kept open during the morning and afternoons when it is hotter outside.

•Sometimes rapid changes in temperatures and humidity can be contributing factors in wall to wall carpets becoming loose and wrinkled and it may be necessary to have your carpets Professionally Re-stretched and flattened out. This process is usually only required once in the lifetime of most carpets and costs a fraction of replacement of your carpets.


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