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Wrinkled and Bumpy Carpet Solutions.

Wrinkled, bumpy or loose carpet can be repaired by a carpet repair process called Re-Stretching or Power Stretching Carpet. The wrinkled carpet is disconnected from the room’s floor edge at the walls, where it is attached to the carpet gripper. Carpet gripper is the wood strips with small angled tiny spikes, which run all along the floor edge of the room under the carpet. The carpet is then systematically stretched using a stretching tool, in just the right order as not to create cross rippling. It is then trimmed to the proper amount all along the length and width. It is then refitted back into the carpet gripper. In the case of hallways and some rooms, seams at doorways may have to be opened up, so the carpet can be released, stretched, trimmed and reseamed back together. After all these years, We can usually just walk into a room and know exactly the steps and sequences required to properly stretch carpet back into its place. Whether your room is L-shaped, has many different angles, rectangular, or square, We can repair your wrinkled and loose carpet.


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