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Solving Carpet Damage from our loving Pets.

Dogs (mainly at their puppy stage). Recently had an adult Golden Retriever unknowingly get his collar’s tag get hooked on a loop of Berber carpet and pull a run of it 6’ ft long before it snapped. Poor dog just wanted to run and get his toy ball! Repaired the torn carpet by Re-fibering and seaming the carpet like new.

Cats (check their schedule). I’ve seen some really nice carpeted scratching poles with almost no wear, but the wall to wall carpet the pole sits on, get scratched and torn up like it was a kitty cat drag race strip. I was able to pattern match and repair that carpet back to like new condition.

Other Pets, good luck! Just kidding, I’ve repaired chewed up carpet from rabbits and rodents including “Harry the Hamster”, snakes, birds and other cute pets named, “________” You fill in the blanks and I’ve probably seen it.




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